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Mitsubishi Diamond Series WD-82838 82-Inch 3D DLP HDTV

If you’ve never felt how the enormity of having the television with a size of 82 inches, then it’s time to replace your home television. Mitsubishi Diamond Series WD-82 838 allows you to be able to enjoy the whole show with a largest scale ever. This television is ideal for those of you have large families who often spend time together. With a size is much above the average size of the family television, making the ability and capacity of each feature has the advantage of being well above the general ability.

Digital Light Processing (DLP) panel made collaboration with 3D

Series the has a screen size of the area four times the small screen 42-inch flat panel TV, DLP technology offers the measuring 1,000 times faster than LCD technology. With ease, all 2D and 3D display will be ready to be shown as brightly as possible with excellent color detail. This technology is very well combined with a 3D-ready technology to see the makes you have a great experience with an image that seems to pull you into another dimension. (more…)